Pharmacy Technician Schools in New Jersey

Pharmacy Technician Requirements in New Jersey

To work in the state of New Jersey as a pharmacy technician, all an individual has to do is register with the Board of Pharmacy.  Registration requires pharmacy technician applicants to:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have graduated from high school or its equivalent
  • submit with the application a fee of $85 (effective June 1, 2012 the total will increase to $120), and
  • pass a background check

Like so many other U.S. states, the New Jersey Board does not have formal educational requirements for their pharmacy technicians.  Traditionally, technicians receive their initial training on-the-job by the pharmacist-in-charge.  However the board does regulate what a technician’s on-the-job training should encompass and how many technicians a licensed pharmacist may supervise.

A New Jersey pharmacist cannot supervise more than 2 technicians at a time.  If a pharmacy wanted to exceed this 1:2 ratio, then the Board steps up the educational requirements for all technicians working in that particular pharmacy.

Each pharmacy technician would either need to pass a board approved national certification exam (like the PTCB), or complete a board approved training program that includes a formal test.  Please note this scenario is the exception not the rule.  (More information pertaining to this can be found in the Board of Pharmacy Laws, section 45:14-80 and in the Pharmacy Regulations, sections 13:39-6.6 through 13:39-6.15)

The New Jersey board also regulates pharmacy technician applicants who are apparently hired to work in a pharmacy but have not registered with the board.  This is a one-time deal and is only good for 180 consecutive days.  The technician must still submit an application to the board for registration within the first 10 days of employment. If at the end of the 180 days, the tech has not completed the registration process normally required, the applicant tech must cease working in the pharmacy.

Pharmacy techs are required to renew their registration with the New Jersey Board every two (2) years.  There is a 30 day grace period after expiration, however after 30 days the pharmacy technician registration will receive an administrative suspension. No continuing education hours are required for renewal unless the technician is PTCB certified.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in New Jersey

Since formal education is not a requirement to become a pharmacy technician in New Jersey, an individual might wonder if enrolling in an expensive pharmacy technician training program is worth it.  Additionally, the economy has affected every industry including healthcare and many newly graduating pharmacy technicians are having difficulty finding a job.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics sees demand for technicians increasing until 2016, however if you spend a little time on job forums like the one found on, you get a feeling the Pharmacy technician job market in New Jersey might be a little saturated.

Before enrolling in any Pharmacy Technician school in New Jersey, this technician suggests that you check with the school’s placement department and find out how many of their students are actually finding jobs after graduation.  What is the average length of time it takes their graduates to secure employment?  How many receive employment offers before they finish their externship?

As an alternative to formal training, it may be easier and far less expensive to become a NJ pharmacy technician by simply buying a couple of used textbooks for $100 or so, and studying on your own to take the PTCB exam ($129).

Ultimately though, the path you choose depends on your educational and career goals.

If you live in Passaic County and are unemployed you might want to check out the free pharmacy technician training program offered at:

Passaic County Community College
For information and to apply, please call
Lynn Wood: 973-684-5663 or
E- mail:
For a direct link to the program click here

This program is funded by a U.S. Department of Labor HGEI Grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and is free to qualified applicants

Sanford-Brown Institute – Iselin
675 US Route 1, 2nd Floor
Iselin, NJ 08830
Phone: (732) 623-5784
Program Director: Pilar Perez-Jackson, CPhT (
Tuition, fees and books are approximately $13,000 (all inclusive)

SBI offers a certificate program with a 180-hour internship that is accredited by the ASHP.

Salary Information for Pharmacy Technicians in New Jersey

Pharmacy technician salaries in New Jersey average about $13.99 an hour and $29,100 annually, which is slightly higher than the national average of $13.65 per hour or $28,400 per year.  The salary range for entry level jobs for Pharmacy technicians in New Jersey starts at a low of about $10.47 an hour and reach a high of about $19.69 per hour for experienced techs.


Job Resources for Pharmacy Technicians in New Jersey

When looking for a Pharmacy technician job in New Jersey, it’s always good to start your search on Indeed dot com.  Indeed lets you set up a free job profile and will send you email alerts when Pharmacy technician jobs are posted by local employers in New Jersey. offers a similar service however this technician has found that the jobs leads on are usually more relevant and up-to-date.




Source for Pharmacy Technician salary information in New Jersey: Bureau of Labor & Statistics and NJ Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

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