Questions about Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education

Charles asks…

About pharmacy technician continuing education, help please?

I am a pharmacy technician for two and a half years and I heard that every two years I need to do twenty (20) units of continuing education. But I am not sure where to go and how to do it?

Lorian answers:

I go for free CE credits at I also go to:

Rx School (click for the FREE ones):

Power Pak:

US Pharmacists:


You don’t say whether you’re a certified pharmacy tech or not – if you are then yes, you will need to complete twenty units of continuing ed every two years.  If you’re not certified then I would suggest you check with your State Board of Pharmacy to see what they require for pharmacy technician continuing education.

Many times there is a local association of Pharmacists that offer live CE classes that you can attend.  Any of the pharmacists you work with will be able to  give you  that information.  Depending on where you currently work your employer may reimburse you for CEs.

You can also earn ten of the twenty hours of CE where you’re employed. However they can’t be earned by simply working at your job for ten hours.  You would have to arrange special study projects with your supervising pharmacist.  For more information check with PTCB.

You also have the option of accumulating fifteen of the twenty hours by taking one college course either in the Life Sciences or a math class every two years.  Keep a copy of your transcript and grades for your records.

I personally just do the online stuff. The classes you attend in person are usually not free, but you will get more credits.

Once you take a class online, you will be able to print a certificate of completion. Always print a copy of this certificate. Keep all copies of each CE class you take in case you are ever audited.  Before your renewal date you will need to go into your account at PTCB and enter each one of the classes you have taken for CE credit.  Try not to earn more than twenty CEs in any two year period, as you will not be able to carry them over into the next two year period.  Hope this was helpful.


Nancy asks…

I need continuing education for pharmacy technicians and do NOT know where to find it. Twenty (20) hours in 2 years?

I am a certified pharmacy tech (July 2010 testing) and already one year is almost over. I would like to get these CEs online, if possible. Even the PTCB website doesn’t list where to get them.

Lorian answers:

If you go to the website of  Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and click on the menu tab for  Recertification/Reinstatement, then click on Online CE, you will see a list of online CE providers.  On that same page  PTCB also has two free CE classes you can take and use towards your total CEs.

CEs for both pharmacists and pharmacy techs are accredited by the ACPE .  However when looking for CEs be sure it is accredited specifically for Pharmacy Technicians.  It should say ACPE-T for technicians.  ACPE-P is for pharmacists only.  Many times CEs are for both.

It’s not difficult to complete 20 units, especially if you do it online.  I’ve actually waited until the month before my renewal date and within 2-3 days have completed all twenty.

Also, remember one hour of the twenty CEs has to be in pharmacy law.  Good Luck!

Nancy says…Thanks, I did not know about the law part. I will check this out and get my CEs in no time at all.


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